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Eclectic Boho Jewelry and Home Decor

Boho chic-An eclectic mix of my favorite things.. Beach.. Southwest vibes.. Industrial.. Vintage. 

Mary Anne McCabe

Great leather cuffs.. Unisexjewelry

Eclectic Shop in the Trenton Farmer's Market, NJ

Unique jewelry ....why blend in when you can stand out ....create you own personal style.. I have had the pleasure of being in this location for 6yrs. I am happy to list any items you see on my Instagram feed, that are not in my online shop...  Reserved for you, if you are not local.

Bohostacks and polymer clay dishes.. Perfect together..

Unique Jewelry

Eclectic bohoshop .. Unique one of a kind pieces that fit any occasion.. My inventory is always changing, Here is my latest design of beautiful beaded bracelets. These are made with a selection of beads.. mixed with Karen Hill Tribe silver 97-99% pure sterling silver.. I also have some beautiful silver heart charms from StrohberryDesignsUS.


Unique Essence in the styles, materials, and designs

Jewelry that enhances your inner beauty! An outfit is never fully put together without some finishing touches.. so layer.. mix and match the textures and colors to get that pulled together look.