About Us

My story..

It's not the destination, but the journey. And so my journey that has brought me here, has been the result of events.. I began to make jewelry after the suicide of my brother in 2010. When one door closes another opens.. Fast forward .. I was asked by customers.."where can we find you".. Since 2012, my shop is located  in the Trenton Farmer's Market. My jewelry has evolved over the past 6 yrs. 

My goal is to offer the same one on one shopping experience on line as you browse and shop my new online store. 

 I look forward to the future and will continue to enjoy the ride.

Innovative Designs

My Goal is to provide unique jewelry that will make you smile.. So many styles to fit the informal.. Or dress up occasions.. Either way.. Be prepared to get asked.. Where did you get that piece💃


I use different materials, textures and colors in my jewelry. Nature is always my inspiration. You will find a lots of turquoise and sand tones in my designs. I am an Island Girl at heart. There is a wide variety.. Industrial.. Bohemian .. Urban.. Vintage..  

I love to do designs with wire.. Viking Knit is my favorite.